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Samshield 2.0 Miss Shadow Matt Black w/ 5 Crystals

Samshield 2.0 Miss Shadow Matt Black w/ 5 Crystals

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Just when you thought your favorite helmet could not get any better. Introducing the Samshied 2.0 helmet! Same incredible fit (don't worry, your helmet size will stay the same) with added features and improvements! The result of four years of research and development, and designed to meet the demands of riders, while still meeting and exceeding the most current and up to date safety standards. You will love this helmet!

All Samshield 2.0 helmets have the following new and improved:
  • Improved air flow thanks to the unique 6-point ventilation system
  • A shape that will fit even more head shapes with a lower profile
  • Perfect fit: new integrated chin strap adapted to all hairstyles, whether you wear your hair down or up
  • Semi-rigid chin strap eliminates any risk of the helmet falling off during movements. The chin strap sits closer to the head..
  • While the snap in liner is similar to that of the 1.0 helmet, the 2.0 helmets have a new and improved comfortable (and cooling) liner.
  • The top of the helmet no longer extends to the bottom, but ends w centimeters above the edge
  • Streamlined style with a design update to the blazon
  • Anti-scratch paint
  • The additon of  an XLarge sizes
  • CE EN1384-17 2023 - ASTM/SEI 2023

Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt 5 Crystal 2.0 Helmet Features:

The Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt 5 Crystal 2.0 helmet was designed on the base of classic Miss Shield and Shadowmatt helmets. Featuring the same technical features (better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact, no risk of tipping the helmet in case of violent movement, exceptional ventilation, perfect adjustment, comfort and hygiene) and meets the highest standards of safety. The Miss Sheld Shadowmatt 5 Crystal 2.0 features 5 Swarovski elegantly embedded crystals.The internal, snap in, comfort foam liner will mold to the unique shape of your head and never lose its shape, for a superior fit and level of comfort. It’s also removable and washable so you can say goodbye to stale and stinky helmets. Additionally, Samshield 2.0 design ensures maximum airflow through hidden vents that retains the elegance of the helmet without sacrificing breathability.

In addtion to the features above, the Miss Shield Shadowmatt 5 Crystal 2.0 Helmet Features:
  • Trim is elegantly embedded with 5 Swarovski crystals.
  • Outstanding sun protection
  • Interchangeable, washable helmet liners
  • Polycarbonate outer shell and variable density polystyrene inner shell providing a better dissipation of the energy
  • Internal comfort ‘’memory’’ foam and semi-rigid chin strap: no risk of tipping the helmet in case of a violent movement    
  • Exceptional ventilation and air flow
  • 4 helmet shell sizes available which can accommodate 4 to 5 helmet liners of different sizes: perfect adjustment to the rider’s head
  • This helmet complies with CE EN1384-17 2023 - ASTM/SEI 2023 safety standards.
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