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R.J. Matthews

AE Showsheen 2 in 1

AE Showsheen 2 in 1

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5-in-1 formula cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles and shines with just one application. For use on horses, dogs, cats, llama, sheep and cattle. Ideal for cold weather and waterless bathing, from total body cleaning to last-minute spot removal. Quickly removes manure stains and sweat lines. Spray on brushes and blankets to reduce static cling. 

Directions: Safe for use on all longhair and shorthair animals. No water or rinsing required. For coat stains - Spray lightly on towel and rub backwards through hair, then brush. For everyday grooming - Lightly spray brush and brush through to remove dirt and dandruff. To clean and detangle mane and tail - Spray directly on hair and comb through.
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