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R.J. Matthews

Chasteberry Liquid

Chasteberry Liquid

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Helps maintain healthy pituitary gland function and hormone regulation. Also supports normal shedding, metabolic function, kidney function, healthy digestive system and proper glucose metabolism. Chasteberry acts as an adaptogen, meaning it helps to stabilize and level out inconsistencies, reduce the impact of outside factors such as stress and anxiety, and promotes healthy, normal hormone balance. The body's epicenter for hormone production and function is the pituitary gland. Provides necessary hormonal support to numerous organs and tissues. Another function of the pituitary gland is supporting the adrenal glands, which are responsible for adrenaline and cortisol. Consistently high amounts of cortisol lead to issues with metabolism, insulin resistance, poor shedding in the spring and summer, weight gain, and ongoing high levels of stress and anxiety. Chasteberry can be very beneficial in these areas by helping to balance normal cortisol levels.

Each oz contains 450 mg chasteberry concentrate.

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