EQyss Barn Barrier Natural Fly Repellent

EQyss Barn Barrier Natural Fly Repellent

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Safe and effective repellent utilizes a gentle blend of 4 botanical oils found in nature to repel flies!

Product Features

  • Repels mosquitoes too!
  • Citronella-free
  • Safe for use on bedding, bridles, blankets and other tack – even on saddle area
  • Clean, fresh scent
  • 100% guaranteed


Proven to repel horn, face, stable and house flies. pH balanced, unlike other natural fly products; does not irritate skin or damage coat or hair. Safe for horses, ponies, foals, dogs and cats. Non-toxic; environmentally friendly. 

Contains lemongrass oil, cedar oil, peppermint oil and geranium oil.

Directions: Remove excess dust and dirt from horse. Shake well and hold bottle 12" away from animal, 2 full sprays will cover 12 linear inches. Cover entire coat including legs, mane and tail. Apply with soft cloth to eye, nose and mouth area. Caution: Reaction test prior to full use of product is recommended. 

Not for human use. Cruelty-free.