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Flexi Grazer Muzzle 5420

Flexi Grazer Muzzle 5420

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Flexi Grazer is specially designed to provide a secure, well fitted barrier to over eating when used as part of a managed controlled diet regime. Developed for comfortable, controlled grazing. The durable flexible thermoplastic rubber muzzle is washable and comfortable. Attached nylon with padded crown halter is ergonomically shaped and fully adjustable for a secure custom fit. Touch close safety fastening has a breakaway feature that will give under extreme pressure should the muzzle get caught.

Product Details:

  • Nylon halter with padded crown
  • Thermal plastic rubber muzzle
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Washable
  • Fully adjustable

*Not to be left on 24/7, use for only part of the day.

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