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Helite Co2 Canisters

Helite Co2 Canisters

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  • The CO2 cartridge is designed for all of our airbag vest's mechanical systems and has 4 sizes to choose from depending on the size of your jacket:
    • • 50cc
    • • 60cc
    • • 85cc
    • • 100cc


The different sizes allow for effective protection according to the inflation volume of the airbag. The CO2 gas cartridge is easy to replace and simple to use. You can recondition the system yourself in just a few minutes, without any assistance from an authorized person.


In case of a fall, replace the empty Helite CO2 cartridge with a new one of the same capacity. It is important to always use Helite CO2 cartridges with our equestrian airbags. Additionally, the size of the cartridge is in proportion to the size of the airbag.


Helite cartridges have a 10-year guarantee and no expiration date. A cartridge is always included with the purchase of one of our airbags. We recommend that you always have an extra cartridge on hand.


For the correct cartridge size, please refer to the size chart.

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