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Tailored Sportsman

T.S. Icefil Sunshirt SL

T.S. Icefil Sunshirt SL

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Tailored Sportsman Icefil Sun Shirts because the fabric feels so smooth and soft.  The most comfortable and stylish sun shirt to wear in the summer months.  Stay cool and look your best with all the fun colors this shirt is available in. Tailored Sportsman Icefil Sun Shirts are our best-selling sun shirt. 

Keep Your Cool All Summer Long with Tailored Sportsman™ IceFil®Zip shirts! Icefil fabric technology lowers your body temperature by turning sweat into refrigerant! Scientifically proven to lower your body temperature by 5 degrees, while wicking moisture away from your skin.

Long sleeves and a high neck keep your skin protected from the sun's harmful rays, while mesh panels under your arms help keep you cool.

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